An internship unlike any other. Are you up for it?

We Are Spreetail.
An Ecommerce Company.

Spreetail is an ecommerce company with the purpose of making a dent in the universe by delighting millions of customers, creating opportunity and wealth for our team, and revolutionizing the communities we touch.

"When you work for a smaller company that's doing big things, you can see the change that you make on the organization. Your work has the ability to make a major impact and there's unending potential for what you can accomplish in a summer."    Cole, Operations Intern
"I decided to come work for Spreetail partly due to the opportunity to be an intern as a business analyst, so I was excited for the experience I would gain. But, more importantly I was blown away by the hardworking and dedicated employees that work here."    Erik, Business Analyst Intern
"This doesn't feel like an internship, this feels like a real job. Half the time I forget I am a college student and will be going back to school in the fall!"    Abby, Business Development Intern
"My favorite part about my internship is the problem-solving aspect and the encouragement of independent thought. The departments really give you the ability to take your own path with things and allow you to take projects from start to finish."    Lauren, Marketplace Intern
"At Spreetail, we are building the foundation for our systems. This has opened the door to me for an extraordinary amount of growth as a young developer. It is an experience that is a very rare find for software internships."    Reagan, Software Engineering Intern

If you are looking for your next challenge, Spreetail is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Along with your department specific projects, you'll also be executing projects alongside other Spreetail interns. These projects include a book club, cross-department trainings, and the opportunity to pitch and implement your own community initiative project. Past community projects included a "Maker's Space" for young engineers and a "Read, Play, Go!" program for elementary school students in the Lincoln community.


Casual Dress

Only own one pair of jeans and tennis shoes? No problem! We have a casual dress code, so don't go buying a new suit for the summer to wear to work.


Interns participate in a training and development program throughout the summer that include executive presence, project management, and innovation workshops.


We expect hard work, so we compensate for it. No three hours college credit here, you're paid with cold hard cash. #TreatYourself

Come Fly Away

Hard work means you also get to play too! Celebrate with us throughout the summer, and join us on our annual company trip with airfare and stay, paid for by Spreetail.


Whether you write code or copy, Spreetail is looking for an intern like you. We offer internships across our departments, so there's a little something for everyone. We have the following internships available for summer 2018.

Improve business operations practices, increase revenue, and ensure fast delivery times through internships in operations analytics, process improvement, and industrial engineering.
People & Culture
People & Culture
Implement recruiting strategies to find the best talent for the company, and work alongside the training and development team to make sure we're giving current employees the tools to succeed.
Product Content
Product Content
Create product listings for each of our products across all marketplaces. Write fire descriptions, edit photos, and optimize search terms to increase web traffic for new products.
Create programs as part of a department-specific squad. Work alongside full-time engineers to create and improve the foundation of our business by building in-house software solutions.
UX Design
UX Design
Work closely with our users to dig in and understand their needs, iterate on ideas, and implement elegant solutions that help us compete against top players in the ecommerce industry.