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We Are Spreetail

an ecommerce company

Our purpose is to make a dent in the universe by delighting millions of customers, creating opportunity and wealth for our team, while revolutionizing the communities we touch.


We’ve been careful to build a culture at Spreetail that values and rewards outworking and out thinking the competition. We won’t back down from a challenge. Every day at Spreetail is an opportunity to make our customers happy and close the gap between Spreetail and the other ecommerce giants.

If you welcome a challenge, Spreetail is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Our company vacation to Charleston, SC was amazing. I never thought an employer would do something so generous. It really makes you feel appreciated as an individual and makes you want to work that much harder for such a great team. Justin, Customer Experience
Spreetail goes beyond the typical corporate team building that you see at most companies. When we want to relax, they give people the freedom to do that. When the team wants to grow, we really dig in deep and connect with each other on a more personal, less corporate level. Keegan, Software Engineering
At Spreetail, we’re encouraged to get outside our comfort zone, try new things, and apply our passion for technology and software in any way we can help the company grow. Jake, Software Engineering
There are always more things to do than people to do them, so you get opportunities you would never dream of. Sometimes it has been scary and intimidating, but doing those things have been the catalyst of my career. Kelsey, Marketplace Development
Spreetail is a place where you can make your own future. If you’re willing to go out and grab it, it can be yours – you will be given the resources and support to make it happen. Dylan, Business Analytics


New Office

We are building a brand-spankin' new office on Innovation Campus.

Paid Time Off

Spreetail will pay you to take 10 days off every year. Each year after, you earn another day.

Health Insurance

Full medical coverage for all employees. Spreetail will pay your full monthly premium. For spouse and dependents, we pay half. Half dental coverage is available to all employees and family.

Matching Donation

What's important to our team is also important to Spreetail. We will match every charitable contribution our employees make, dollar for dollar, up to $250 per year.

Company Trip

When Spreetail is successful, we celebrate in style. We reward the team with a yearly trip for meeting our goals. Every year, the team chooses the destination. And bring an extra bag — your significant other is welcome, all expenses covered.

3 Year Vacation

After 3 years of awesome work you will be eligible for an all-inclusive vacation for yourself and a guest to one any of the Palace Resorts properties. We cover the stay, you cover the airfare.

Company Events

We work and play hard together. Spreetail has a standing monthly happy hour along with employee planned team and family outings.

Product Discount

As an employee you can get an additional 20% off of already crazy low prices on all items in our store.

5 Year Sabbatical

After 5 years of even awesome-er work, we want you out of the office. You can take a 10 day sabbatical and do something incredible.

We Invest In You

Stock Appreciation Rights

At Spreetail, our team's future financial position is important to us. But we don't think the traditional 401k match programs that most employers offer go far enough. That's why we created the Take Stock Program. These units are GIVEN to you — no matching required — and as Spreetail grows (which we are pretty good at) so does your pocketbook.

Leadership Development

It will take leaders in every position and at every level to become a multi-billion dollar company. That is why we invest in making you not only a stronger team member but a better person.

Community Impact

We're proud of where we're from and believe that we have a responsibility to make it better. We recognize that we are who we are in large part because of the communities we live in. That's why we set aside a percentage of revenue each year to improve our Spreetail communities and create new opportunities for the people who live in them. We also encourage and help our employees give back. Want to know more? Check out our Facebook page for past and future communities projects!

Who We're Looking For

We're always looking for talented people who are committed to our purpose and embody the values in our mantra. If you're looking for a place filled with opportunity and firm community roots, send us your resume, we can't wait to hear from you.

Current Opportunities

Spreetail is a growing ecommerce company that does it all in-house.
Key areas of our business include:


The Software Engineering team builds web-based software with .NET, SQL Server and JavaScript to solve business problems faced by the Spreetail team. We use the latest and greatest libraries and development methodologies to build elegant solutions to complex, real-world problems.

Business Development

The Business Development team is responsible for driving the financial growth of Spreetail and is split into two teams. The Vendor Teams are involved in market research, product content creation, analyzing and forecasting sales, and inventory planning. The Marketplace team partners with multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Jet, to increase traffic with strategic optimization, marketing, and promotions.


The Marketing team helps us find and convert new customers and new markets. This team is made up of ecommerce, affiliate, CPC and CPM wizards focused on building customer loyalty for our online marketplace as well as driving both traffic and conversions to make Spreetail more profitable.


The Fulfillment Center team is primarily responsible for receiving, storing and shipping merchandise kept in warehouses. The team is here to delight our customers and keep them coming back by ensuring every package that leaves our warehouse meets our quality standards.


Overseeing and monitoring budgets, spending and financial strategy, the Finance team keeps the Spreetail balance sheet in the black by providing clear forecasting and accurate reporting. They are responsible for preparing timely and accurate financial information and insights for the leadership and business teams to ensure Spreetail continues to function smoothly as we grow.

Operations & Logistics

This team leads key operations projects related to our distribution centers, order fulfillment, packaging processes and carrier relationships. Our Operations & Logistics team currently oversees 5 warehouses in 3 locations nationwide. In the next 5 years we plan to expand our reach by opening additional locations.

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience team is here to delight our customers and keep them coming back. Responsible for reducing customer pain points, they are advocates of customer initiatives in operations, sales, and marketing. These determined problem solvers think about the big picture without losing sight of the details and treat every customer as the most important. With exposure to many departments each Customer Experience Associate builds a foundation of knowledge and ideas that transfer well to company initiatives and other departments.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics team collaborates with many departments to ensure we are maximizing the potential of our inventory. Areas of focus include: Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, and Distribution.

People & Culture

Our Culture team is responsible for protecting and enhancing the Spreetail culture as well as finding and recruiting top talent. They are champions of the Spreetail mantra and culture and are focused on building the Spreetail brand through networking and recruitment. Understanding that “in order to be the best, we must recruit the best,” they network within the community to find the best talent, identify potential candidates through internal and candidate referrals as well as web sourcing, and then organize candidate interviews with hiring managers.


Join the Spreetail team for a full-time summer internship. You won't spend your time fetching coffee and filing papers, you will work alongside our teams doing real work that contributes to our bottom-line. Along with work you will have the opportunity to plan a community focused project and focus on your leadership skills. We have positions open across the business in every department.


We will never give up on our pursuit of perfection. We will sweat the details. No matter how big the task, success rewards perseverance.

We will not be outworked or outsmarted. We will give our best every day, take initiative and make things happen.

We will never stop learning—never stop improving. We will invest the time needed to be good students and good teachers. Knowledge must be accessible at all times.

We recognize what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Change is our only constant. We focus not on the problem, but on the possible solutions.

We believe the status quo is our greatest enemy and the future is our greatest ally. We are all creative problem-solvers, anticipating challenges around every corner.

We understand collaborative relationships start with a shared commitment to goals. We view every team win as a win worth celebrating.

We will never forget that the customer is our number one priority. We view ourselves from the customer lens. We value and make the most out of every customer interaction.


Founded in 2006, the idea was simple—to build a company that connected customers with the things they need. We created a fast paced, customer centric ecommerce company that invests in its employees. We believe that going to work shouldn't feel like work. Today we have matched over 5 Million customers with things they need and love. In 2015, we expanded our purpose to not only focus on creating an experience and lifestyle for our customers and team, but the communities we touch.


revenue $2.4M

Day one: Our digital doors open financed on a credit card & a super small team.

Demand for our products grows quickly and we expand our warehouses capacity 3x.

Bye bye credit card financing, we go legit with our first bank loan!


revenue $6.2M

The birth of M2 — our homegrown software solution for all things eCommerce.


revenue $9.2M

Time for a celebration, we have our first $1M revenue month.

Bravo! We reach 10,000 online product reviews.


revenue $13M

Table for 10 please, our team has doubled since 2006.


revenue $23M

Bang the drum. We score our first $1M revenue week!

Movin' on up! We migrate north to our Kingbird office space, a 200% increase in space but...

It wasn't enough. We open up another "off-site" warehouse 4 miles away to help meet demand.

We hit the 20-employee milestone. We bring two dozen donuts to celebrate.


revenue $48M

Our second distribution center opens in Las Vegas bring our 2 day free shipping to even more customers.

A tradition is born. We take our first out-of-state company trip, to beautiful Milford, Kansas.


revenue $67M

We're coast-to-coast! Our 3rd warehouse opens in Pennsylvania to meet east coast demand.

We celebrate 75% Average Growth Rate from $13M in 2009 to $67M in 2012 with our 2nd all company trip to Power & Light in KC to celebrate another great year!


revenue $95M

Customer services expand – Free returns, extended warranty periods, & improved customer experience hours are rolled out to ensure our customers are getting taken care of!

We hit our mark — over 1,000,000 customers served.

Another million? We have our first $1M day.

They let us come back here after last year? They did, but not again. KC round two.

Unveiled Mantra: Be Relentless, Work Hard, Learn, Adapt, Innovate, Win Together, For Our Customers.


revenue $116M

We grow to 65 team members — time to expand the parking lot.

It's time to celebrate 1 million positive reviews... on a beach... in San Diego... with all our employees!


revenue $138M

Operation Flywheel launches, our company's mission and vision is refined & clarified.

Yet another milestone — 100-employees. Two dozen donuts aren't enough this time.

VMInnovations rebrands as Spreetail and announce plans to move to our new headquarters.

2016 & Beyond

We move to our new office at Nebraska Innovation Campus Spring 2016.

What’s Next

At Spreetail, we are positioned to become a multi-billion dollar ecommerce company. By 2023, Spreetail's dent in our universe will be unmistakable. We will be over 800 team members strong and giving back millions to the communities we touch. Some may think, "that's crazy", but we didn't get to today by thinking small and we're not about to start.